88-98 Front Suspension Kit

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Lays frame on up to 24” wheels. 


Kit includes:

•Pair - Upper Control Arms

•Pair - Lower Control Arms

•Balljoints, pre-installed

•Pair - Shocks

•Pair- Upper Bag Cups

•Bushings and Sleeves

•Upper Control Arm weld-on tabs

•Weld on Upper Shock Tabs

•Grade 8 Hardware


Factory Upper Control Arm tabs will need to be cut off and frame grinded smooth. The provided new raised Upper Control Arm tabs are to be welded in their place. The frame spring perch will need to be cut out to make space for the air springs. After install, insure that the air spring is in no way making contact with the frame during suspension travel. Failure to do so will can cause the air spring to rub and cause premature air spring failure. Note that air springs do “balloon” when inflated. The lower shock mount is prewelded to the lower control arm, however, the installer to responsible for finding the proper location to weld on the upper shock mount per their specific application. Certain wheel widths and offsets, along with upper shock mount location can cause inner wheel rubbing. This kit uses factory tie rods. They will need to be cut and shortened, along with the turn buckle to get proper alignment. Track width on this kit is narrowed. The frame section above the tie rods will need to be notched to clear. The amount to be cut will vary depending on the needed suspension travel to clear your wheel size. This kit has a 8-10 week build time. 

For off-road and show use only.

All kits are built to order, and no refunds can be issued after a order is placed.