C-10 Front and Rear Kit Combo

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C-10 Front and Rear system kit combo. This setup allows to you lay frame on up to 26”x15" wheels. Rear Suspension is contained within the frame rails allowing the use of wide wheels.  Front C10 Kit lays crossmember on up to 24" wheels with low profile tire.

Everything is pre-welded onto the base plate. You cut off your factory spring and upper control arm perch, and weld it in.

This kit includes the updated driver side upper arm that allows you to lay 22" wheels without having to do any steering work. No more sketchy steering knuckles. Factory steering shaft will work.

Front kit contains:

Pair of Upper Tubular Control Arms (left and right)

Pair of Lower Tubular Control Arms

Pair of frame plates containing new camber adjustable control arm tabs, bag plates, and shock mounts

Lower shock mounts

Upper Balljoints

Lower Balljoints

Pair of Shocks

Lower Control Arm Cross Shaft (bolts to factory location using factory U-bolts)

Grade 8 hardware

*Drop spindles are required to lay 22" and 24" wheels and need to be re-tapered to accept these ball joints. You can taper them yourself using a 10* degree balljoint reamer, or ship your Drop Spindles to Chassis Fab to be re-tapered for free, you only have to pay for shipping to and from Chassis Fab. 


Rear kit contain:

4 link bars (parallel 4 link)

Panhard Bar

Bolt-in parallel 4 link frame mounts

Upper Assembly (contains upper bag mounts, shock mount)

Lower Assembly (lower bag mounts, shock mounts)

Pair of monster notches

Pair of shocks

All hardware/bushings. 

For off-road and show use only.

All parts ship RAW unpainted steel.