Rear Suspension Kits

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Our Rear Suspension kits are one of the easiest air suspension kits that lay big wheels to install. Brackets are built into single units for ease of installation and less confusion! Lower link bar mounts, air spring mounts, and shock brackets are contained into one unit. Upper Assembly has guide  plates pre-welded to the ends for proper placement onto the notch. Upper Assembly contains air spring mounts as well as upper shock mounts and come fully welded. Lower link bars bolt into the factory hanger location and curves under the frame rails to allow clearance of extra wide wheels. A set of pre-welded monster notches are included to lay 26' wheels. Kit is currently only available for 99-06 GM Single cab shortbed, 99-06 GM Crew Cab, 07-16 GM 4door shortbed, 88-98 GM Single and Extended Cab, and 04-14 F-150 4 door shortbed This kit MUST be professionally installed by someone who has knowledge of vehicle suspension. This is a weld in kit. All parts are shipped RAW uncoated. Built to order lead time avg. 6-8 weeks.

For off-road and show use only.

All kits are built to order, and no refunds can be issued after a order is placed.